When it comes to putting on a baby, certain things should be noted: pre-prepared should, in any event, the children's clothing, to avoid having to leave the baby unattended. The mother should also think about a toy that she will possibly need for the baby. Babies who love to be on and off is a rarity, so a toy suited to deal with them and distract.

During the dressing process the mother should always talk to the baby. To ensure good communication, it should be given to eye contact, thus creating a sense of unity and "presence." In addition, mothers should not have to move their child to an unstable base. The substrate should be stable, such as a bed or a changing table.

Baby clothing must be soft and comfortable to wear, so that your baby's sensitive skin is not irritated. Pulling up her little tiny baby bodysuits or the two-part movie, the mother must proceed especially gently. Baby clothes should be stretched before tightening, especially in the area of the neckline. The upper part of a baby's two-part movie is always difficult to attract. The neck has to be stretched and pulled until well over the face and then over the head.

The sleeves and tighten the nut on the little finger and then engages the hands to gently pull out of his sleeve. Here may be the baby's arms and legs and never pushed it, make sure to grab the little fingers and toes gently. It is an advantage at the start and baby equipment to choose, has the buttons, zippers or snaps, especially for new parents.My tumblr


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